2018-2-5 Status

WordPress makes me want to fist fight it sometimes.

2018-01-11 #2

I rarely post anything related to my face, just thought I would for the sake of it.
As a bonus I drew some more weirdos. 

Anyway,off to my part time…

Skipping inktober for today.

Weardo things are going down in my life at the moment. Too close to Halloween for all of this garbage.  Be back tomorrow.

I need to stop staying up so late.

So much needs to be done, though…

if you are reading this then you should probably go to bed. 

I am about to go to this job fair at the mill. I’m excited for it!

I need this job to fund my work and schooling. Wish me luck!

Pulled a all nighter working on stuff last night and now I feel like a cranky little tit.

I better get rich and famous someday or I’m a sue.