2018-2-12 The Wilder

Having fun with some ink and brush. I need to buy some illustration board though.  All out of them at the moment. Colors were done in Photoshop.

2018-2-5 “Bird lord”

He is the lord of birds.


as a bonus, here is a sketch page filled with some ugly dudes.


Quick doodle I did, and when I say quick, I mean I penciled it like 2 months ago and just finally decided to ink it…

The Shopkeeper

I have been busy with Job hunting / School so I have been off slacking as of late. Drew this yesterday afternoon during my lunch break. I will be getting back to regular postings sometime in the near future.


The hierophant

I should probably quit using acrylic paint like watercolor and just use my watercolors to paint. All part of the learning prosses I suppose.

Deviant Ink



Sometimes I feel like a big old wonderful trash heap and I love it.

Trying some avantgarde stuff

Deviant art

The Lump

He’s gonna get ya.

A walk in the woods

Deviant art


Old drawing back when I first started this project.

The Fusillier

Deviant art