Inktober 2017 day 14

Not doing much tonight. just heading over to my best bro’s pop’s B-day party.

I’m about to run a test game of  MARUN universe.  The test game setting is going to be about a group of military commanders going to apprehend a misunderstood but dangerous criminal who has a vendetta against a mysteries star diva who wants to do them all in. Should be lots of fun. The setting is going to be on a swampy world filled with friendly and eccentric creaturs under the protection of the military.  I have some doodles of the main cast of characters. 

And here is the criminal. She is basically my character for this game. I’m going to flesh her concept out more at some point and use her as a canon character later on. The guys above are going to be canon too, at some point. 

At any rate, I will have more on this later. The inktober stories will resume Sunday. I’m using some of my weekend time to revise the first drafts of the story chapters and new things. Would be nice to receive some feedback after this is all done. Till next time!

The Fusillier

Deviant art

Creepy cellar




I have an essay to write, work computer is dead and I ‘m behind on my personal studies. Sounds like the start of an average summer for me.

Been reading up on a bunch of deferent mythologies and the like. I think my new favorite crypto-critter now is the Qilin.

Between work, life and study I get to try my hand at refining my skills. Learning how to use acrylic paints and water mediums are the first things on my list.  As I write my novel and my game rules I come up with little characters I can use and recycle for my stories or the test campaigns I run with my roommate and peers  I got a little too happy with the wintergreen and lost the effect I was shooting for with the energy torch weapon thingy this guy was using but overall I’m okay with it. in

hindsight, I should have done some dramatic shading on the character but I was not really thinking about it.

Here is the line art. I used a G-pen nib for the character and a spoon nib for the background.

and this is the concept for the character.

I call him Draft. You can say that this was draft’s…draft. Yes, I know, you can hate me now.

I got the idea for him while listening to a Star-Wars lore channel on you-tube. I like the expanded universe stuff, even though some of it is a bit hammy. I loved how Luke Skywalker became super OP in the EU and I think everyone would agree that we need to see more material from the knights of the old republic era and all of that.  Mark Hamill was the coolest.

I remember going to see the 1997 versions of the movies with my uncle and was flipping out about them, I got a sega genesis that night as well. Still mostly played on my DOS computer and my first Windows desktop.  Man when I first learned about emulators and ROM loaders man! I could go on forever…

I should honestly be inking more art right this instant but I wanted to write a good hardy post.  Right now I am getting my first draft of my first light novel typed out and I am working on making the cover for the book. It features the two main characters standing around looking cool like all good sci-fi fantasy book covers should display their protagonists.

I’m more than likely going to publish the first story as a PDF for like 6-12 bucks and see where I go from there. What I really wanted to do was make an audio drama like how games workshop does with some of their war hammers 40k stories but I’m a little strapped for cash at the moment. Plus this is my first real work I plan on showing to the world, so I hope to do well with this pilot story and see where I need to go from there on out.

I had a bunch of other short stories and poetry I had made over the past few years but I had a hard drive malfunction and lost a bunch of them. The few things I still have I plan on cleaning up and publishing at some point.  I honestly should have just published all my work instead of just sitting on it like a hen guarding eggs but I tend to over analyze and self-criticism my own work to the point of just flat out resenting it. I don’t know how many of my old sketch books I have put to the torch and burned to oblivion. Yeah…

Luckily now I have grown to the point of accepting who I am, and what I do with my talents and skills. Took a little time but I got there.  still, though, can’t help but feel like I wasted so much time fretting over nothing.

Enough of the self-reflection stuff, here is a sketch of one of the main characters about to visit a kind hearted and respectable lady of the night. Traveling around the in-between allows you to meet up with all sorts of lovely species.

 That has me thinking about the rule book for the role-playing game world all of this is going to be set in. I should finish that and have it released in fall/winter.  Truth be told I have so much fun GMing the game with my roommate that I forget to finish typing out the whole rule set for it.

It’s a simple system, d20, roll under, everybody has 12 attributes to use and gets a flavor bonus based on what species they select. I have a variant of the rules for fudge dice, 2d6 and percentiles.  I will do an in-depth look at the rules in an another post with a sample of how the game plays and all of that some other time.

This sketch is how a part or squad will look like in the game. I’m going to try and paint this one as well but all my other work I’m going to just higher a colourist. Tthe little creature to the right is my favorite.

I have a bunch more creatures I want to depict in the game. I’m going the Pokemon route and having a big selection of species to choose from.  A lot of the role playing focus outside of combat is going to be having the characters live out their regular lives in between their adventures and battles. I like to have a bit of slice of life with my fantasy operas.

I just feel like everyone should have the option to date a pretty slime person after traveling between realms exploring and battling the forces of the unknown, you know?

I am also going to integrate a war gaming element for those who just want to do battles with epic armies and skip all the slime dating and doing laundry.

One of the things I plan on doing when I get my degree from school is work on a computerized war game set in this universe.  I should practices programming more but my laptop is so finicky, plus I can’t get any of my compilers to work for some reason. I’m just bad at the whole thing I suppose.

I had originally begun work on MARUN as a first person point and click game with a dragon quest style first person combat view in it, but as time progressed I realized I wanted it to be more than I could make it be.

Right now though I’m just going to focus building the world with lore and exposition and populate it with a bunch of awesome characters.  I know everyone likes to gush about their OC’s, I’m no exception I suppose.

This is a rework of an older doodle I did back before I even had a solid idea of what I wanted my game world to be. I’m going to ink it up at some point.

This older one was made like 4+ years ago, it’s dated 2015 but I just did that to get my archiving mom off my back. still, crazy to see how my composition has improved a bit.  Now If I could just learn to paint…

Okay, I am done talking about me. I want to talk about stuff I like now…

I plan on making 3D models with Blender and ZBrush soon and was looking around for good 3d artist to study from and fount this wonderful character model on Twitter by an artist by the name of Peatra Goodrich.

I freaking love it. Makes me excited to see what I can do with the software.

Ethan Redd also makes some phenomenal stuff, you should check him out as well.

I honestly love the low poly aesthetic, it’s like pixel art to me.


Hay how’s it going, I be Hungeren.


I am an artist/game designer currently writing, designing and illustrating a Sci Fi-Fantasy Tabletop Role Playing game by the name of MARUN.

Marun Pre-logo

Marun is set in a universe ruled by a unfathomably advance species of immortal, polymorphing creatures by the name of Glassoids. Glassoids come in a multitude of shapes and sizes and are present all throughout the universe in isolated colonies and intermingeld with the other species of the universe.

Together the denizens of Marun carve out empires and dynasties for each other throughout the ages while battling against cosmic and transdimensional forces who wish to assimilate them and eradicate all positive progress of the universe.

I will have more information out in a bit so until then heres some line art.

Glassoid mib torchbearer - A legendary warrior class from an ancient era
Glassoid mib torchbearer – A legendary warrior class from an ancient era
A Straton - Race of people who live in a gas giant near the main world of the game
A Straton – Race of people who live in a gas giant near the main world of the game
Glassoid Haylo riding on a big chicken
Glassoid Haylo riding on a big chicken
A Glassoid Stack of some great importance.
A Glassoid Stack of some great importance.
Glassoid yolk enjoying tea in a tree
Glassoid yolk enjoying tea in a tree
Quetzal rebel along with a Glassoid Mib guardsmen during the glassoid purges cerca universal Year 12.065.640.
Quetzal rebel along with a Glassoid Mib guardsmen during the glassoid purges cerca universal Year 12.065.640.

This is just some of the stuff I work on in my freetime, I spend most of my efforts working on the game mechanics and lore stuff.  I’m going to post stories and fluff like that on this website and on Youtube once I get the pilot episode finished, typed out and recorded.

I  also have a Pinterest and a Deviantart account. I also use Tumblr once is a blue moon, but you can catch me on Twitter quite often.

Anyhoo, that’s all I have for now. I could do a huge post about myself and my influences but that can wate. After all, the total amount of people who are going to read this is probably going to be less than four I reckon…

Tata for now, here is a picture of two ugly birdlings being fed fish.


…And with that I am out!