Inktober 2017 day 14

Not doing much tonight. just heading over to my best bro’s pop’s B-day party.

I’m about to run a test game of  MARUN universe.  The test game setting is going to be about a group of military commanders going to apprehend a misunderstood but dangerous criminal who has a vendetta against a mysteries star diva who wants to do them all in. Should be lots of fun. The setting is going to be on a swampy world filled with friendly and eccentric creaturs under the protection of the military.  I have some doodles of the main cast of characters. 

And here is the criminal. She is basically my character for this game. I’m going to flesh her concept out more at some point and use her as a canon character later on. The guys above are going to be canon too, at some point. 

At any rate, I will have more on this later. The inktober stories will resume Sunday. I’m using some of my weekend time to revise the first drafts of the story chapters and new things. Would be nice to receive some feedback after this is all done. Till next time!

2017-7-7 sketchnote

I have been busy this week. Getting school work crushed,  writing the story, working on the game rule book, programming practice and I just registered Its not finished yet but it’s going to be the hub for all the MARUN stuff I do in the future. I was going to keep it on this site but I think it would be better to spread it out on different fronts. I’m sad I could not just register MARUN but some company has that domain, parked so what can a do?

I have just mostly been sketching Mibs this week. I should draw more of the other 15 Glassoids but right now I’m in the mood for mibs.

I want to write more stuff, but I have been pulling all nighters all week and I need to start sleeping normally. I suppose it’s true what they say when in college you can only pick two out of good grades, sleep, and a social life.

The hierophant

I should probably quit using acrylic paint like watercolor and just use my watercolors to paint. All part of the learning prosses I suppose.

Deviant Ink


Creepy cellar