2018-2-12 The Wilder

Having fun with some ink and brush. I need to buy some illustration board though.  All out of them at the moment. Colors were done in Photoshop.

Inktober 2017 Day 5

To days prompt was “Long”

I’m setting this one in my MARUN universe I am working on. I just created this species the Lo-Long last night after sketching the page for today. I will have to stat them out at some point.

Anyway, enjoy.


The Lo-Long was one of the more “normal” species the Glassoids have met in their travels.  Nuzzled deep within the realm of Amber Ridge, the Lo-Long was well concealed from the reach of the Gar-Fang empire and its slavers.  They were proud and noble to a fault and acted respectfully in all matters of state and formality. The sincerity and honesty they projected instantly made the Glassoid delegations  favor them. Being somewhat pleasing to look at helped in some regards, but overall it was their earnest nature that was their most attractive feature. They had some oddities about them, like the smell, but all organics smelled to some degree so that was only natural.

Diplomacy with them was simple. Being just barely a class 3 civilization, the only things they were focusing on was colonizing and expanding their people’s influence across as much of the realm as possible. The Glassoids had warned them about the encroaching dangers of the fang and how too much exploration outside the safety of their system would result in an inevitable and bloody confrontation. Still, they insisted on travel and, not ones to deny the rightful curiosity of a fellow sentient species, the Glassoids elected to act as guides to the Lo-Long.

            Now, they journeyed together. Trading ambassadors, customs, ideas and most importantly, arsenal with one another. The Lo-Long were not as warlike as the Glassoid, but they soon would learn to be. With the likes of the Gar-fang and its mysterious neighbor the Gesur-Blank just outside their northern borders, they would need to be prepared. Stronger and more aggressive enemies ruled far beyond thier simple sphere, ones that even the Glassoids have yet to best. The Tides of the Oggnear and the clamp of the Vortex Accord ravaged the northern quadrants in an ever-blazing dance of war.

Still, the Lo-Long was not detoured. Collectively, their species accepted their new role of students to the masters of the cosmos. The realms of Marun were calling them, and they answered.


Journal 2017-06-26

My school term is over! No more essays! No more migraines!  Next term is history, which is a SNAP! Especially for a history buff like myself.

Now I can get back to writing the game rule book and penning my stories. I’m behind a few weeks on my production schedule so I’m going to have to hustle on everything.  July is going to be a busy month for me.

Here is a quick sketch dump before we continue. I doodled all of this last night while trying to relax.  would be playing some Quake champions if my computer was up to snuff. I need an upgrade.

I also have all of the art I was working on in my last journal.

My next batch of illustrations is going to be the first 20 player species for MARUN along with some of the alternate subspecies and a lot of creatures and stuff. Originally I wanted 320 player species in the first rule book but I have to cut things down to smaller chunks to help make it easier on myself. so once I get the basic game out I will be releasing smaller expansions periodically till I get all the content I want out for it.  I’m the only one working on the project so I have to design, write and illustrate every aspect of the world by hand which is a challenge but one I do enjoy.

The game mechanics are simple on their own; each player has 12 stats and rolls skills on a d20 dice. The dice mechanic is a roll under the system and the game manager rewards player progression by allowing them to spend time training to gain the next level. I don’t have a traditional experience point system for leveling up mostly because I feel like having fewer things to track can help with the roleplay emersion factor of the game. I want to keep it “Gamey” while promoting good roleplaying and the like.  Basically, I’m trying to make wargamers roleplayers and roleplayers wargamers. Hopefully, I can also entice those who have never touched a pen and paper game to give it a shot. The basic game is going to be free but the advance rules are going to be sold for like 20 bucks or something.  I haven’t decided on all of that, will cross that bridge when I get there.

Next up I need to get a jump start on my game dev schooling. I was hoping to be able to work more on my programming skills but English class hogs up a lot of your time. especially if you are bad at writing like myself. Should have taught myself coding instead of drawing but oh well. I will most likely wing it till I do learn it. I’m starting off with C and javascript for my first languages, then I’m going to learn HTML 5. my college is going to teach all of those in the course but I always like to be well versed on a subject before I encounter it in a classroom. I’m going to work some practice sessions in after my writing sessions each day till I’m caught up. I should have all my basics out of the way by the winter so I will be ready by then.

In the meantime, Im going to be jamming to this.

Honestly, I only bought it for this track, but the whole album is pretty good. Big Boi always delivers. Been like that since outcast.

Anything that has Killer Mike on the track is some fire. Mike and Ep are my favorite due in the rap game at the moment.

Mike and Ep are my favorite due in the rap game at the moment. Run the Jewels are the best rap group to come along in a long time.

Okay, Im out. I need to sleep anyhow…

The Lump

He’s gonna get ya.

The Fusillier

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Creepy cellar



Geshi girl

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The sketch.