Exhausted drawings and outer things

Whats up, Whats up? Been struggling to stay alive the past couple of days. Catching up on my sleep has been helping me though.

I wanted to start recording longer video podcast like videos on my channel but ended up scraping the original video due to it being sub-par.  Pro tip: if you are fatigued, sick and on the verge of death, just go to bed instead of staying up for two days in a row. Here are the drawings.

If you knew me in high-school, you knew these four. I got sent to ISS so many times for drawing them.

In outer drawings, I have been mostly doodling between crying over school work and working on my stories.

I also have been drawing ugly mutants from time to time.  It’s sort of my specialty.

I have been working on that story I wanted to start writing.  I find myself being able to develop characters and their relationships if I draw them out before writing them. Something tells me I should have been a graphic novelist but that is a little out of my scope a the moment. Not that I am opposed to writing one at some point. I plan to do that sometime in my 30’s or 40’s when I have the time money to fund myself while making one. If I make a million dollars within the next two months I will get started while I’m on my celebratory voyage across the world.

As for the first book, I am a firm believer in the three-act structure and its derivatives and is planing out the book to follow that formula. This first book is serving as an introduction to the MARUN world and some of its peoples. This first story is going to center around two antique dealing siblings escorting a wanted fugitive through an ancient mega-structure for college tuition. I promise it will be as odd as the description makes it sound.

Act one is going to primarily be about the family setting our two protagonists are in before the adventure. Mostly it’s going to be about setting up the motivation for our heroes.  The short version of the set up is two foster siblings want to prove an older sibling that they are capable adults by out doing her and impressing their parents who don’t need any impressing.  The best families are the ones that are big and dysfunctional in my opinion. Sort of like my own, but with way fewer pets…

Those are all my doodles for now. I’m still fleshing out some more bits before I start writing out the rest of the outline. If you are wondering why Lino has his cheeks colored pink in that picture with him and Wanda I can explain.

An expert pick-pocket little girl pilfered my sketch-note book from me and vandalized several pages in it. Here is one of her more colorful piece of artwork.

A few other children had the opportunity to also render their best artistic efforts in my book as well. I think this one is my favorite out of the bunch, however.

At any rate, she saw the page with Lino and Wanda and tried to take the whole thing from me. Lucky another youth saved the book and passed it back to me. So far that little girl has stolen about six pens and four highlighters form me. I swear her folks must be expert pickpockets or something…

Later she ended up giving me this drawing. she said it was those two in the drawing and that she wanted me to have it. I’m officially regarding this as my first piece of fanart so I’m holding on to it.

Note: she drew this with the highlighters she stole from me…

Another kid, who got his hands on my Faber-Castell pit pens drew me this. I don’t know what it has to do with the sketchbook but he was adamant that I have it. If these kids ever become famous for something I’m cashing these things in ASAP. Now that I think about it, I draw them things all the time and let them have them. Could they be a step ahead of me? I would not put it past any of them at this point. I wonder if they will let me have my highlighters back…

In other news, I started making beats again in fruity loops. It has been a while since the last time I uploaded one. I did this one over two nights trying to fall asleep and waiting for adobe premiere to finish rendering.

I want to do another one but first I have to finish listening to the DUNE audiobook.  

It’s a book I have not read since I was a kid but I remember it fondly. A true classic.

Something that I think has the potential to be a modern classic is Tomi Adeyemi’s Children of Blood and Bone. It has such a wonderfully realized world and setting and a great cast of characters.  I enjoyed this book from start to end. I still stop thinking about it.

I want to write pages more at the moment, but I am currently caught between, school, work, and a personal deadline so I suppose I am forced to cut this short. Next time I will talk about hopes and dreams, bad coding projects and sketch-note taking.