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2018-2-14 Silly things I have drawn




2018-2-12 The Wilder

Having fun with some ink and brush. I need to buy some illustration board though.  All out of them at the moment. Colors were done in Photoshop.

2018-2-5 Status

WordPress makes me want to fist fight it sometimes.

2018-2-5 “Bird lord”

He is the lord of birds.


as a bonus, here is a sketch page filled with some ugly dudes.

Sketchbook 2018-1-12

2018-01-11 #2

I rarely post anything related to my face, just thought I would for the sake of it.
As a bonus I drew some more weirdos. 

Anyway,off to my part time…

New logo

I have wedged more time for my work between school and my part-time jobs. I am in the process of creating a form of branding for myself so I can stamp my work with more ease. I was flipping through a sketchbook I had laying around and found a bizarre bird-like thing scribbled down. Those who know me know I love birds, so I decided to work it out into something.

I wanted to make something clear and readable while keeping it funky and psychedelic. I took some vellum paper and freehand a new logo based on the sketch. 

I was going to ink the art but decided to keep the pieces work and darken it up in photoshop.

I like to see the  flaws and imperfections in people’s natural handwork. It shows confidence and openness in who that person is as an artist.  I took the outline and made a bunch of variations to use whenever I see fit.

I like the red one the most.


2018-1-5 #2


I have discovered the joy of digital drawing.  Took me about 12 years but I’m starting to warm up to it.

Drew some snakey people.

and some pretty girls.

and some robots.


Anyway, back to work…